There’s a fantastic environmental case for corrugated packaging as more and more companies look at how they can reduce their packaging’s carbon footprint and cost. In this context, corrugated packaging has the credentials:

First, all corrugated packaging is fully recyclable and approximately 80% of our packaging is made from recycled paper. An established and effective infrastructure means that 82% of corrugated is already recycled in the UK.

This means that, by using corrugated instead of less environmentally friendly materials, customers are already on the path to achieving their environmental objectives.

Second, the increasing strength to weight ratio of corrugated board means that it is taking over from materials such as plastic, wood and even metals.

Third, enjoy a free upgrade to your Corporate social responsibility by sourcing packaging from Boxshop which can be supplied to the Forest Stewardship Council Chain of Custody Certification. All certified material can be printed with approved logos advertising your commitment to the environment.

  •  ISO 14001 and Chain of Custody Certification ease your audit process.
  • Chain of Custody certified packaging provides end-to-end assurance of sustainable sourcing within the supply chain.