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FAQs and our answers to help you

27 Jul 2021

Whether you are new to corrugated packaging or not, we do tend to get lots of questions asked. As experts in our field we are always happy to help, especially when many of the questions are bespoke to each individual customer.

To try and unlock some of the mysteries in the industry, here are a few questions that we get asked that show you how adaptable and versatile corrugated is, and why there has never been a better time to invest in this as your preferred packaging solution.

Is it really fully recyclable?

Yes. 100%.

I’ve heard reference made to single, double and triple wall …. What does that mean?

It refers to the way the board is made and the strength it gives. Single wall is the most common and is made up of a single fluted middle between two outer sheets; double wall has two fluted sections sandwiched between three liners giving it more strength. And, you have guessed it. Triple wall is even stronger and has three flutings and four liners.

Do you design a box to suit my product?

Yes, of course. At Boxshop it is not just about standard boxes although we are great at manufacturing them! We also excel at creating bespoke solutions. This helps us to give you a solution that protects your product and can in many situations often negate the need for any other, less environmentally friendly packaging materials.

What type of print can I have?

Anything really…. We have full design teams that can help with print design, not just constructional, or we can use a design you already have. We offer one, two and three colour flexo printing and also HQPP, digital and lithographic printing for that really luxurious, high quality finish,

Can you look at what I already have and see if it can be improved?

Absolutely. We carry out full packaging audits for many customers and often find ways of reducing material, increasing pallet yield or simply removing non-recyclable materials through our innovative corrugated solutions. With a network of businesses across the country, we’re never far away from you and, even if you’re not keen about us visiting site at the moment, we’ve got lots of great procedures in place to ensure we can still achieve great things together.

How are my boxes made?

Boxshop has a variety of different machines that allow us to offer different ways of manufacturing. All involve trained and skilled staff and means that we can offer a range of services to manufacture your packaging to the highest standards. This involves die-cutting, case making, multi point gluing, hand finishing, printing and HQPP printing, dangerous goods testing, sample making, CAD design utilising the latest software and cutting tables, and efficient methods of palletising, despatching and delivering your boxes to you.

Boxshop is the preferred packaging partner for many businesses ranging from small independents to some of the biggest household and industry names.

We’ve just got one question for you? Is it time you joined us?