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10 reasons why a business should use corrugated

16 Feb 2022

There are many reasons why businesses choose corrugated as a packaging material. However, as we’re in the business of making all manner of things from corrugated, including the odd dinosaur, aeroplane and robot to name just a few of our more unusual creations, we thought we were in the perfect position to remind you of 10 reasons why you and your business should choose corrugated for all your packaging requirements.

1 – It’s made from recycled material – An easy one to start with! It’s made from at least 80% recycled material.

2 – It’s recyclable – All 100% of it, which can do wonders for your Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) policies.

3 – It’s very adaptable – As we said in our intro; we’ve made some great things out of corrugated in addition to eye catching boxes, display units, transit boxes, pallet boxes and supply chain solutions.

4 – It can be incredibly strong – We won’t bore you with all the different board types, however there are some that are super strong making them perfect for transporting heavy machinery parts across the globe (Yes, we do work with customers to do just that!)

5 – There’s lots of scope for printing – Whether it’s one colour on a brown transit box, or complex HQPP or digital print, we’ve got the capabilities to be able to work with you to translate your brand guidelines across all your packaging

6 – It’s sustainable – All of our virgin board fibre comes from carefully managed sources and responsible providers including our sister company, Board24. Indeed all our sites are FSC Certified.

7 – It can replace non-recyclable packaging materials – An ever-increasing number of customers are working with us to discover ways to eliminate non-recyclable packaging materials from their packaging streams. Corrugated can successfully replace polystyrene, single use plastic, wood, metal and more, and whilst we’d never claim it can always do every job, we certainly work hard to see if it can!

8 – It’s efficient – Gone are the days of a one size fits all solution. We work with our customers to ensure efficient use of corrugated material which in turn can drive down storage cost, and improve transport efficiencies too

9 – It’s tried and tested – Whilst corrugated may be new to your business, it’s everyday business to us. This means that our teams have years of experience, expert knowledge, and ability at working with a massive range of business types. And, if we’ve not seen it before that’s perfect! We always like a corrugated challenge!

10 – It’s what your customers want – Customers, whether they are consumers or large supermarkets in the retail sector, want packaging that is recyclable and sustainable. Businesses and consumers are making decision based on this now so it’s important to take responsibility for your packaging streams. And it’s great for creating a customer unboxing journey that can consolidate your brand in the marketplace and ahead of your competitors.