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World Day for Safety and Health at work

28 Apr 2022

The International Labour Organisation (ILO) hosts its annual World Day for safety and health at work each year on 28th April.

This year the theme is ‘Act together to build a positive safety and health culture’ a concept that drives the overall Health and Safety strategy within Boxshop and other Logson Group companies.

With a dedicated health and Safety brand ‘Make it Safe’ that has recently evolved to become ‘We Make It Safe’ all members of staff are empowered to keep each other safe through open reporting channels reinforced by robust health and safety policies, safe systems of Work and continuous improvement through training and education.

Furthermore, a Leadership Development Programme has achieved superb results with members of the senior teams and has received hugely positive feedback. In addition, to this the wider wellbeing of staff also plays a huge part in the business with a series of campaigns throughout the year that engage with the four pillars of our employee welfare scheme: Health, Mental health, Wellbeing and Healthy Living and Financial and Legal Wellbeing. The 24-hour helpline is available to all staff and is supported by Canada Life.

“2022 has been pivotal in the development of Health, Safety and Wellbeing for our staff with the introduction of our ‘We Care’ scheme and clearly highlights the commitment we have to the safety and wellbeing of our team at all times,” said Mark Ryan, Group Health and Safety Manager, Logson Group. “The last couple of years has been tough in so many ways, and the resilience and commitment that has been demonstrated has been admirable. We look forward to continuing to drive forward such positive initiatives in the workplace and beyond, to ensure we have a team that is aware, engaged, honest and pro-active.”

The ILO continues to promote Safety and health at work across all working environments to ensure that staff are trained, educated, and protected both physically and mentally.

Further information can be found by visiting–en/index.htm