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Packaging to support the supply chain

25 Apr 2023

The supply chain plays an intrinsic part in so many elements of UK businesses and beyond. To support those products through the supply chain, the highest quality packaging solutions are required.

This not only helps to protect product, minimise costly damages and returns, but can also promote the business and the brand.

To be able to achieve maximum packaging efficiencies through the supply chain, design is key to ensure that the packaging solution is entirely fit for purpose.

Our award winning, experienced packaging designers push the boundaries of corrugated and have a detailed understanding of how those packaging designs fit into a wide range of industry sectors such as food and beverage, FMCG, Automotive, Chemical, Industrial and Mechanical to name just a few.

Stuart Hatt, Design Manager at Boxshop commented; “We continue to exceed our customer expectations with our innovative supply chain solutions and how we utilise corrugated to remove non-recyclable materials from the supply chain. Corrugated brings enviable levels of sustainability and adaptability and we are very proud of the way our designs support supply chains across the globe.”

Well-designed supply chain packaging can also to help:
• Control packing costs
• Maximise shipping, storage and transport efficiencies
• Support loading and warehouse operations

“Our design team is renowned for their innovation and the recent installation of our new BOBST Expertflex has increased our production and capability capacity,” said Jennifer Riddell, Managing Director, Boxshop. “We recognise the positive impact our packaging has on so many supply chains and work with our customers to create solutions that protect product, elevate brands and support businesses sustainability and environmental policies.”