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Top tips to make your packaging more recyclable

30 Jun 2023

The recyclability of packaging is never far from the top of business agendas when sourcing or changing packaging streams and suppliers.

With corrugated being one of the easiest to recycle packaging materials in the marketplace, there is little wonder that it continues to be the preferred choice for so many businesses, looking to elevate their environmental and sustainable credentials.

We work with many customers who are making the switch to corrugated, but also those that perhaps use corrugated in someway and are either wanting to remove non-recyclable materials or simply streamline their corrugated supply.

Here are some easy changes that you can do to make your packaging more recyclable:

• Choose paper-based products where possible. Whilst it’s all about corrugated solutions for us, we recognise that sometimes other products such as void fill are unavoidable. If that’s the case, ditch the plastic air bags and bubble wrap and choose the paper-based alternatives that are just as good.

• Ensure you use materials that can be easily recycled by the end user, whether that is a business customer or consumer. This way you are playing your part in encouraging recycling.

• Explore the opportunities that corrugated could bring to your business. Sometimes overlooked because it’s deemed not strong enough, or that it won’t be able to replace hard to recycle materials, customers are often astounded as to what we can achieve with corrugated.

• If you need to use tape to secure your packaging, choose a paper-based tape as this can be recycled alongside your paper, cardboard, or corrugated packaging.

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