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Packaging choices and print

20 Feb 2024

Complementary to the structural performance and functionality of corrugated packaging solutions is the printing and artwork.

There to impart essential product information, promote the brand or simply to create a wow factor print can bring a whole new dimension to packaging.

Boxshop has a range of printing capabilities that supports customers across all sectors of Scottish business.

• Our dedicated case making facility offers high volume cases that can have up to three colour print. It’s a solution that works for those looking for more straightforward print for FEFCO boxes and for larger print runs.

• Our Jumbo printer slotter/rotary die-cutter provides a unique selling point within our industry. Our reliable 2 colour TCY machine can process material size up to 4 metres long.

• Finally, our BOBST Expertflex 6 colour High Quality Post Print (HQPP) brings some of the best corrugated printing technology to the Scottish marketplace. It offers a superb finish and great flexibility for customers to be able to explore eye catching designs and artwork.

Gavin O’Malley, Head of Operations commented; “We offer a wide range of print options to our customers and work with them to create artwork and print options to support all their business needs.

“Whether it’s essential stock information to help our customers with supply chain and warehouse operations, an eye-catching shelf ready solution, or gift packaging to create a talking point, our team can find the best bespoke solutions to give customers exactly what they require.”