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Corrugated packaging supports Scottish manufacturing industry

18 Mar 2024

Scotland is a proud nation of manufacturers and brands.

Ranging from its iconic food and drink stuffs such as shortbread and smoked salmon, to being credited with inventing some of the modern world’s most iconic items such as the pneumatic tyre and the fridge, it’s great to see the manufacturing heritage alive and well today.

But with all that manufacturing and production comes another challenge. How to ensure it is packaged correctly?

The right packaging

Boxshop works with many Scottish businesses to support all facets of their packaging requirements. This includes eye-catching point of sale packaging, transit packaging, heavy duty pallet packs and high-quality print packaging, thanks to its BOBST Expertflex HQPP 6 colour printer. In addition, a dedicated case-making facility enables the production of a range of FEFCO boxes with up to three colour print applied to customers specific designs.

Our diverse range of capabilities ensures the goods Scotland is proud to manufacture reach their destination, be that retail, business, or consumer with both the product and the customers reputation intact.

Exports across the globe

Many of our customers are Scottish manufacturers who export products across the globe. This requires particularly robust transit packaging solutions that protect product and enhance the brand. However, we also support customers with high quality gift packaging solutions, particularly in the Scottish drinks and food sector, where Scottish produce is in high demand due to iconic status.

We work with our customers to understand exactly how the products will be shipped and through which mode of transport. We create bespoke solutions that minimise product movement, are material efficient, utilise specialist fittings and dividers where appropriate and offer a sustainable packaging range that truly meets requirements.

Fantastic facilities and location

Perhaps one of the most appealing things about forming a packaging partnership with Boxshop is our enviable facilities and location.

Our two-site manufacturing facility has some of the best corrugated manufacturing equipment in Scotland and our skilled team brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to deliver the best solutions from design and print experts to personable and knowledgeable customer service.

“We’re very proud of our capabilities at Boxshop and how we support Scottish manufacturers and produces source sustainable and recyclable packaging solutions in so many ways,” said Jennifer Riddell, Managing Director, Boxshop. “Our prospective customers are welcome to view our facilities and discuss their requirements so that we can tailor a solution that will continue to support all our Scottish businesses and manufacturing heritage that we are so proud of.”

To find out more about Boxshop, or to speak to a member of the team about your own corrugated packaging requirements visit