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Supply chains and corrugated

29 Apr 2024

Corrugated plays a vital part in global supply chains. It can protect product and position manufacturers and distributors as sustainable and responsible when they choose corrugated over other harder to recycle materials.

Lightweight and sturdy, it is used in many innovative ways to protect, ship, and sell products across all transport mediums, road, rail, air, and sea.

Correctly designed it can be a hugely effective way of shipping products safely and maximising how space is utilised ultimately saving shipping and transportation costs.
In addition, corrugated can help to mitigate the pressure that supply chains are under to become more efficient and sustainable, reducing fuel consumption and associated costs.

“Supply chains are extremely complex, and having the correct packaging can have a pivotal impact on the success that supply chain has,” said Jennifer Riddell, Managing Director, Boxshop. “Perhaps the most important thing to achieving that success is working with a team of corrugated professionals who understand how to support each requirement from individual pack solutions to shipping solutions and what the packaging needs to deliver.”

The team at Boxshop has experienced professionals in design, production, print and sales, all of whom understand how corrugated packaging integrates in supply chains.

Design – This encompasses both constructional and visual to ensure the product is protected and all pack information, including branding and warehouse information is incorporated as required.

Production – Our range of production capabilities translates these designs into real life ranging from simple FEFCO cases to complex packs and six colour high quality print.

Sales – Because our team understand all facets of corrugated and how it performs through design, production and the supply chain you can be reassured that the advice they give is coming a point of experience and desire to create the perfect packaging solution for all our .

“Creating the best corrugated supply chain solutions is a complex process and one that we are highly skilled at,” said Jennifer. “And, because we offer bespoke solutions customers know that we will deliver a solution that is entirely fit for purpose and that support all parts of the supply chain they are involved in.”

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