Boxshop is proud to be the preferred packaging partner to many manufacturing industries across a wide range of sectors.

From small independents to large scale companies, the versatility of corrugated ensures that effective packaging solutions are designed and manufactured by our team to fulfil demands as product passes through consumer, trade and global supply chains.

Whether it’s delicate electrical components or heavy duty industrial part our expertise can ensure a bespoke solution is created.



Supporting a wide range of industry sectors from plumbing to automotive our expertise in supporting the engineering sector is far reaching.

Whether it is a transit box to take products through the supply chain, or a product box aimed at the end user in either a trade or retail setting, our team can create an on-brand solution to make your product stand out against those of your competitors.

Our experience and tried and tested methods allow you to benefit resulting in a solution that works first time, every time.



At the very heart of so many aspects of twenty first century life our work in the Electronics sector is renowned for innovative design to ensure exemplary product protection.

From the smallest, most delicate components to completed electrical products our packaging solutions will protect all types of product either from component manufacture, to end users and consumers or at any stage in that process.

Our design flair, material knowledge and industry expectations place us as the preferred supplier to several household and industry recognised names who trust us to protect not only their product but their brand and reputation too.

Food & Drink

Food and Drink

Food and Drink is one of the key sectors in which we operate with over 50% of our customer base operating in this field. To that end, our knowledge and expertise is significant and we are ideally placed to share this knowledge with you to ensure high standards of packaging innovation and production are achieved.

This can incorporate display packaging solutions, Shelf Ready Packaging (SRP) or transit boxes to ease dispatch through the supply chain protecting product and reinforcing brand as well as gift packaging and visual merchandising.

We have a range of accreditations which ensures your product packaging meets the required industry standards and these include BRC Hygiene Standard, ISO9001 Quality Standard and ISO14001 Environmental Standard.


Pharmaceutical and Healthcare

From beauty products to medical equipment corrugated provides a sustainable and robust packaging solution to so many elements of this industry sector.

Outer boxes ensure products pass through the supply chain with ease, bespoke boxes protect delicate or expensive products and high quality gift packaging is a welcome addition to many brands especially as the ecommerce sector continues to grow.



Developing packaging solutions for the heavy industrial sector is something which we have years of expertise in and are committed to working with such businesses to support their packaging needs through corrugated, eradicating wherever possible less environmentally friendly materials.

It is in this industry where great successes have been achieved -  wooden pallet packs re-engineered using corrugated, metal stillages replaced with corrugated ones and plastic based fittings and dividers to give protection replaced with creatively designed ones from corrugated.

Weighty and cumbersome products are entirely suitable to be packaged in corrugated and our designers enjoy the challenge that this brings as corrugated continues to increase its market share, highlighting the versatility and strength it brings as a packaging solution.