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Increased demand for recyclable packaging

26 Aug 2020

In the midst of the pandemic, consumers have turned, in their droves, to online retail: purchasing the majority of their products over the internet and having them delivered directly to their homes.

As a result, the ecommerce market has seen a rapid expansion; in March 2020 we saw a 13% increase in online sales, with the trend continuing into June, which experienced a huge 73% increase.*

This heightened demand means more and more packages are being delivered directly to consumers and are therefore requiring more and more packaging. This has seen a shift in consumers looking specifically to recyclable forms of packaging, with both companies and consumers beginning to consciously choose retailers that use recyclable packaging above those that choose single use only.

Sustainable, stable and innovative, corrugated cardboard provides the perfect solution, providing a versatile and easily recyclable product, capable of meeting a wide array of packaging needs. It is 100% recyclable, making life easy for consumers, who simply need to place their packaging in the correct kerbside bin to do their bit for the environment.

In additional to its environmental credentials corrugated can be product specific; under the eye of the right designer corrugated is able to become the perfect packaging for any product ranging from delicate floral gifts to heavy and cumbersome essential household appliances. Corrugated can, quite simply, be the solution for them all.

Already widely used and, with the rapid expansion of the eCommerce sector, it makes sense to continue and also increase its usage.

This increase in the eCommerce sector is not predicted to be a short-lived phenomenon, with the general consensus showing a sharp reluctance in Britons to return to high street shopping in the future.

Could this pandemic give corrugated packaging the platform to educate more companies as to the opportunities and benefits of choosing corrugated as a recyclable packaging material, ticking CSR boxes and fulfilling consumer demand too?

*Research from Statista