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Supporting Healthy Eating Week

26 Jun 2021

As part of our ongoing commitment to Health and Wellbeing we will be supporting Healthy Eating Week at all our sites across the UK.

Taking place between 14th – 18th June the week, created by the British Nutrition Foundation aims to promote thought around making healthier choices and is focused on five themes;

Know the Facts
Make a healthier choice
Plan for success
Be the Chef
Keep moving

To share the handy information with our staff a series of posters, a short booklet created using collateral from the BNF and a letter has been sent to all staff ahead of the week giving them some information to get them thinking, get them started and sign post them to more information and handy websites with healthy recipes should they wish.

Jennifer Riddell, a member of the Wellbeing and Charity steering group at Boxes and Packaging and Boxshop commented; “We’re trying to cover a broad spectrum of events during the year to support our staff in being as healthy as they can be. The last fifteen months or so have been tough for us all in many different ways but now, we’re encouraging our staff to take good care of themselves and put the past months behind them.

“Eating healthily, drinking plenty of fluid, sleeping well and exercising regularly has such a positive effect on physical and mental wellbeing and by sharing professional information with our staff it may just help some of our team to make some healthy changes.”

During the year so far, the Wellbeing and Charity Team has supported Brew Monday, Walk All Over Cancer, Mental Health Awareness Week. Later in the year other events will be supported to complete the broad spectrum that the team is aiming for.

The BNF has created lots of useful information including videos and documents that may help you to make healthier food, drink and exercise choices. Further information can be found by visiting,enhance%20their%20health%20and%20wellbeing.