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Group commitment to Health and Safety continues

17 May 2022

As part of the implementation of our new We Make It Safe Principles, a number of Senior Leadership Team Workshops have been held as the rollout begins at all sites in the Logson Group.

Our Make It Safe Vision was originally launched across the Logson Group in September 2018 to improve our health and safety performance and to make our sites a safer place for our people to work.

The new principles aim to help us deliver our next level of improvement by developing a culture where everyone:

* Plays an active and engaged part in Making It Safe
* Challenges each other to continually improve
* Treats each other fairly and with respect.

The objective of the workshop was to engage senior leaders across the Logson group, including Boxes and Packaging, Board24, Jardin, Boxshop and The Cardboard Company.

The new principles were discussed, and our senior leaders considered possible ways to put the principles into action and to be implemented at each site. The intended outcomes for the day were to ensure everyone understood and felt engaged with the principles and that everyone left with a plan for implementing them.

Mark Ryan, Head of HS&E for the Logson Group commented “There was a high level of energy at all three of our workshops and all of our senior leaders engaged well with our new principles. I believe this was in a large part down to the passion they have making our We Make It Safe Principles a success!

“In the coming months and years, we look forward to achieving even more together as We Make It Safe becomes an intrinsic part of everyone’s work.”