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FEFCO Codes and what they mean

27 Mar 2023

FEFCO, The European Federation of Corrugated Board Manufacturers, has a unique set of codes for corrugated packaging design that is used across the world.

Standardising the most common box designs, with a unique code that is applied to each of those designs, it makes for an easily recognised system for all those that work in the corrugated packaging industry.

Originally developed in the 1960’s, the series of four-digit codes give a universally recognised design – the first two digits of a FEFCO code represent the style category of the box, whilst the last two digits show the box style within the category.

The valuable system standardises packaging solutions across the globe, irrespective of language barriers. It enhances the design, manufacturing, and sourcing of packaging, and brings several benefits which include:

• Tried and tested products and a tried and tested system
• Can be tailored to specific size requirements
• Proven to be material efficient
• Can be customised with customer specific print, coatings or fittings and dividers where applicable

Each section of code relates to a common box design solution as detailed below.

Categories of codes
• 0100 – Commercial rolls and sheet
• 0200 – Slotted type boxes
• 0300 – Telescopic type boxes
• 0400 – Folder type boxes and trays
• 0500 – Slide type boxes
• 0600 – Rigid type boxes
• 0700 – Ready glued cases
• 0800 – Interior fitments

“Using FEFCO codes is an intrinsic part of working in packaging, or indeed sourcing packaging from suppliers such as ourselves,” said Jennifer Riddell, Managing Director, Boxshop. “It’s an incredibly straightforward system that gives a level of uniformity, whilst still allowing our packaging designers to use their flair and creativity to develop bespoke packaging solutions.”

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