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A shining star of a design

25 Oct 2021

We are proud to work on lots of great projects; here’s one to share with you


• To create a postal pack that delivered superb product protection
• To integrate iconic customer branding
• To create a positive unboxing experience for the recipient


The pack was for a distillery producing small batch, sustainable spirits in the Highlands of Scotland. The pack was developed for the distillery launch and in conjunction with design company a full ecommerce range was created to convey the brand message, enhance the unboxing experience, (indeed, on the inside of the box is its own hashtag encouraging the sharing of the unboxing experience) build brand loyalty and ensure no plastic void fill was required.

The brief was to design a pack that could be sent direct to the consumer and remove all non-recyclable packaging materials, as well as create a fantastic unboxing experience for the customer.

An outer box (0427 design) with locking tabs suited the brief perfectly and these are complemented by an inner fitting. Both are supplied flat packed to the customer in flat pack form and are manufactured from 150 White Test B Flute board to give the necessary protection and allow for the design scheme to be printed effectively on both sides.
The fitting nestles tightly inside the box and cradles the product to prevent movement and is assembled by pushing out a die-cut section to hold the bottle in place.

The pack benefits from eye catching print on both the outer side and inside the box. Outside gives an eye-catching pack when arriving to with the consumer, whilst inside a great unboxing experience is enjoyed when a brief history of the distillery and its customer ethos is shared. This iconic branding was created by a third-party design agency however all pack design, development and manufacturing takes place at Boxshop.

The pack achieved all elements of the brief. All elements of non-recyclable packaging were removed; indeed, on the inner lid of the box a message to the purchaser emphasises the sustainable aspect of their brand and actively asks the consumer to recycle all elements of the pack and the bottle, which is already made from recycled glass. Furthermore, the ease of opening (a cutting of tape and sliding out of tabs unveils the products) and the consistent branding inside the pack delivers a great unboxing experience allowing the consumer to really buy into the brand. The pack is easily recycled through domestic recycling channels.

The simplicity of the design, with the iconic print and fitting that minimises any product damage, is a winning combination anchoring the brand with its audience and meeting and exceeding the expectations of our customer. It demonstrates the flexibility of corrugated as a packaging material and showcases the effectiveness of design to meet customer briefs and sustainable targets.

Facts and Stats:

• To date no breakages have been experienced – the pack truly is fit for purpose

• Versatility of corrugated exhibited, there is no requirement for any additional packaging materials

• Two bottle and six bottle shippers have also been designed and produced now and the range will be expanded as the business grows