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Buying British and the Corrugated Industry

08 Oct 2021

As the 9th largest manufacturer in the world (by output) our island nation is a significant contributor to so many manufacturing sectors.

Boxes and Packaging, and the wider Logson Group, is proud to support those sectors of manufacturing in the UK with sustainable packaging solutions helping to protect product navigate their way through the supply chain from road transport on home soil, to global shipping and supply channels.

Many of those customers choose Boxes and Packaging for our innovative approach and, as the fourth largest independent corrugated group in the UK, we are well placed to source a variety of board grades from our board production facilities at Larkhall, Scotland; Coalville, Leicestershire and Preston, Lancashire. This facilitates an enviable range of packaging solutions.

Each of our Boxes and Packaging sites, along with Boxshop, Cardboard Box Company, and Jardin Corrugated support our manufacturing industries ranging from the vineyards of Great Britain, artisan food and drink producers and jewellers to the Royal Family right through to colossal global supply chain packs and pallet boxes that allow everything from catering ovens, car parts and earth moving equipment radiators to be manufactured in the UK and shipped to where they need to be.

“It’s never been more important to us to support customers across all elements of our great manufacturing sector including both heritage business and new producers,” said Steve Ward, Head of Supply Chain Design. “As more and more businesses seek, and ultimately switch to more sustainable packaging solutions, corrugated and paper-based packaging offers so many benefits. With bespoke manufacturing available on home turf, choosing corrugated packaging from us supports another sector of British manufacturing which we are proud to have been part of for over 45 years.”

With over 62,000 people employed in the UK manufacturing paper and paper-based products, and over 1417 UK manufacturers engaged in the production of paper products, it’s clear to see that the industry has a strong foot hold in the UK.

Employing more people than British steel and space sectors added together, it is expected that the sector will continue to flourish as environmental requirements, both through legislative necessity and corporate social responsibilities, continue to drive the desire to source packaging that is manufactured from sustainable, recyclable materials.

Boxes and Packaging and the Logson Group are poised to support this through investment, training and continued success to ensure the delivery of our award-winning solutions continues for many years to come.

Enquiries for any packaging solution can be directed to a Boxes and Packaging site close to you. Details of where these are located can be found at