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FEFCO Code boxes and our case making facility

12 Apr 2024

Our designated case making facility is located just across the road from our main East Kilbride production facility.

Home to two case makers, and newly installed materials handling line, it brings added capabilities and allows the team at Boxshop to manufacture high volume cases with up to three colour print from the range of standard FEFCO Code boxes.

This range of boxes covers a range of solutions from ecommerce postal packs to transit style packaging, all of which have been allocated reference numbers (codes) from FEFCO; codes which are universally recognised throughout the industry and beyond.

What are FEFCO codes?
If you’re not familiar with FEFCO code, it is the internationally applied system for corrugated packaging design. Originally developed in the late 1960s, to remove long and complicated packaging descriptions, the most common box types are now allocated a four-digit number creating a code that is easily recognised across the globe.

The code encompasses a variety of standard boxes and paper products that can be printed as required to meet each individual businesses requirement.

The 12th version of the FEFCO codes is now available to download.

How we support our customers

These universally recognised codes allow us to support packaging purchasers source high volume cases in the standard formats they require.

Customers can simply order if they know what they want, or if they are looking for a standard FEFCO box with bespoke print, our design team can work their magic on creating a solution that meets your requirements perfectly.

Keith Barclay, Sales Director, Boxshop said; “Our case making facility enables us to support customers across Scotland with higher volume production runs of standard FEFCO cases. We can deliver a solution that meets exact specifications and help businesses keep their supply chains efficient and resilient.”

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