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Supporting seasonal packaging demands

30 Sep 2022

Seasonal packaging can be rather unpredictable – both that which is for seasonal products, and that which is necessitating higher demands of existing product lines.

Whilst the festive season is looming fast you can be reassured that Team Boxshop is equipped to support you with all types of seasonal packaging. Whether it’s an upscale in production, an entirely new concept, or a redesign to make a pack more sustainable, we’ve got decades of experience in executing the most viable packaging designs.
The range of packaging solutions we create is almost endless as many are bespoke and tailored specifically to each customer.
Three things that are most popular ahead of the festive period are:


Ecommerce packaging is all about balancing product protection and delivering a customer journey where appropriate. With demand high in Q4, it would be worth considering ways that your festive packaging could increase customer awareness and elevate brand perception.

Festive themed

Masters at creating printed packaging that tells a festive tale our gift, shelf ready, display or transit packaging, can be created with a festive focus that offers unrivalled product protection and captures the attention of the customer.

Sustainability awareness

As businesses place more emphasis on the sustainability of their packaging streams, and customers make buying decision based on the perceived environmental responsibility of the business they are considering buying from, it has never been more important to ensure solutions are sustainable and recyclable. This is why corrugated plays such a huge part in the packaging choices of so many businesses.

Keith Barclay, Head of Sales, Boxshop and B&P Dumbarton commented; “The festive season can sometimes arrive before businesses have had time to plan, or a fluidity in demand ahead of Q4 can throw the best laid plans into disarray.
“Our experience and adaptability allow us to work with customers to create a packaging solution that supports all their seasonal requirements and beyond.”
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