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How corrugated packaging supports the Scottish Food and Drink Industry

27 Oct 2022

From our islands, cities, striking coastline and expansive countryside our nation is rightly proud of the amazing food and drink that it produces, and that is exported across the globe.

But getting it from fisheries, factories, and farms and more, requires a carefully integrated supply chain which has packaging at its heart.

Corrugated packaging and sustainability

One of the most popular and the most sustainable packaging materials, which continues to grow in popularity, is that of corrugated cardboard.

Made from at least 85% recycled material and 100% recyclable, corrugated packaging is playing a significant part in business operations across many of Scotland’s food and drink producers. Not least, because of its sustainable nature and the fact that it is playing an integral part in Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) statements as companies seek ways of becoming more sustainable, reducing their carbon footprint, and setting new Environmental Social Governance (ESG) goals.

Why it works as a packaging solution

Whilst the material itself is sustainable, it is also important to make sure the use of the material is as efficient as possible.

Through innovative design, applied by experienced design teams, it is possible to create packaging solutions that offer a strength and resilience that is sometimes not appreciated. With a variety of board grades, that gives it unrivalled versatility when compared to other packaging materials, everything from the high-quality gift packaging to transit packaging can be created from corrugated packaging.

Customer experience

Many of our food and drink businesses set themselves apart from their competitors by creating a customer experience. One way that this can be done, and brand perception established or elevated, is through a positive unboxing experience. Whether its luxury gift packaging that packs a punch in a retail environment, eye catching shelf or retail ready solutions, or an ecommerce solution that creates a talking point there is much that can be done with packaging to enhance a customer’s experience.

Navigating the supply chain

Equally important is ensuring produce is moved from our factories, fisheries, and distilleries to retail outlets, warehousing, and storage facilities or direct to the end user. Transit packaging solutions offer product protection, stock information for management in warehouse facilities, and reassurance that product arrives intact and undamaged.

Keith Barclay, Head of Sales, Boxshop commented; “We are proud to play an integral part in the packaging of Scottish food and drink products, and to have done so for many years.

“Our experience, across a diverse range of businesses, means we are well placed to work with everyone from small independents to multi-million-pound blue chip companies and to be able to tailor our service offering and packaging to suit.

“We now urge more producers across Scotland to explore the benefits that corrugated can bring to their business operations, and to discuss those requirements with the Boxshop team.”

With customers across Scotland, Boxshop is proud to employ over 150 people from the local community in East Kilbride where it is based.

In addition to its site there it has a distribution centre in Aberdeen and Boxes and Packaging (Dumbarton) which is managed by the same team as Boxshop is just a few miles away. Larkhall is home to a Board24 site which manufactures raw material and supplies Boxshop and B&P (Dumbarton).