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What you should consider for food and drink packaging

18 Jan 2023

Scotland has a wonderful heritage for manufacturing some superb food and drink that are renowned the world over.

But to get those products from the manufacturing site to their end destination, and to give the customer a positive experience, there are a few things that should be considered.

Our sales and design teams work closely with each and every customer to ensure bespoke, versatile solutions are created to meet all requirements, however, here’s a quick run down of some of the points you may want to think about and what we support you with.

*Decide on what the purpose of the packaging. Is it transit packaging? Is it display packaging? Will it be sent to customers via a courier of mail? By deciding this and recognising that the types of packaging are very different we can begin to create a cohesive solution

*How will you integrate your branding into the packaging? If you’ve spent a lot of time creating your brand, it’s important that it’s replicated in your packaging wherever possible to reinforce your marketing and brand recognition

*Will the product be shipped to distributors, retailers, consumers or overseas? Recognising how and where your product may travel will influence the packaging solution required. It may not be a one solution fits all design.

*Consider the customer or retailer experience. If a third party may distribute for online orders, is it easy to pack? Similarly, is it easy for the customer to unbox and will they enjoy receiving their goods?

Jennifer Riddell, Managing Director, Boxshop commented; “Packaging has to work across all elements and the flexibility and versatility of corrugated allows us to support our customers with dynamic, well-designed solutions that add value to their product and their brand.

“Packaging for the food and drink sector often requires extra attention and knowledge of how corrugated can be best used to benefit the customer. Often brands are known for their quality, identity and overall positive customer experience and it is important that this is replicated in their packaging.”

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