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Preparing for peak – why it’s never too early to plan ahead

22 May 2023

Depending upon the industry you work in, peak times, where your product is in high demand can vary wildly.

For our customers that work in the drinks sector, events like Father’s Day, Christmas and major sporting events all see a spike in demand.

For those in the beauty and luxury gift sector; it’s times like Christmas when demand increases.

Upscale in demand

As suppliers to a wide range of industry sectors it’s impossible for us to predict when those peaks might be. But what we can do is work with the data that you have collated to devise a packaging strategy that will allow you to navigate those peaks a little more easily.

We do this by carrying out a full packaging audit to ensure that the right designs and materials are being utilised, to ensure efficiencies are being achieved and packaging use is maximised to protect product.

Supporting your operations

By ensuring the correct design is being used, we can help to make things easier if you pack product for dispatch. In any retail and ecommerce scenario, making the packaging support the process can streamline efficiencies so that when those increases in demand arise your team is well prepared to cope.

Managing stock levels

Achieving and maintaining stock levels is key to ensure production lines and despatch warehouses operate efficiently during periods of high demand. By making informed decisions, based on historic data and predicted customer behaviour patterns, we work with our customers to ensure the right amount of stock is manufactured and is available either through a call-off mechanism or for maintaining stock in customer warehouses.

Keith Barclay, Head of Sales, Boxshop commented; “We have much experience in working with our customers to navigate peak periods of demand from special occasion events to annual festivities such as Christmas.

“Having open and honest communication, early on in the process, we can work together to ensure packaging supply is seamless and supports their day-to-day operations successfully.”

To discuss how the team can support with assessing your packaging to meet fluctuations in demand email