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Wellbeing and Charity one year on

28 Feb 2022

It is around one year ago that we launched our Wellbeing and Charity initiative; the first time that anything like this had been done within the business.

With the aim of protecting and promoting our most valuable asset; our people, the mission was to support staff on common wellbeing topics and encourage them to give a little back by engaging in charity and fundraising events, something which has been proven to have a positive effect on mental wellbeing too.

Up to the end of 2021 we raised a little over £40,000 and supported staff alongside national campaigns of Healthy Eating week, where we shared professional advice on how to improve diet; Mental Health Awareness Week, and National Stress Awareness Week where professional tips on recognising stress and how to deal with it were communicated to all members of the team.

Now, in 2022 we already have our wellbeing campaigns planned and began the year by encouraging staff to take part in Dry January.

In May we will once again be engaging with Mental Health Awareness Week, in September Pension Awareness Day, Stoptober in October, and Back Care Awareness Week.

Additionally, we’re supporting our charity matching scheme by encouraging staff to take part in Walk All Over Cancer once again, and to undertake individual charity events for causes close to their hearts.

A new staff wellbeing scheme, in partnership with Canada Life is due to be launched imminently, just another way of showing how the business is committed to supporting its staff in a variety of ways.

Jennifer Riddell, Managing Director Boxes and Packaging Scotland a member of the group H&S steering team commented; “We feel that it is really important to work with our staff to encourage them to take good care of themselves and we are doing this in a number of ways. Last year, it was very pleasing to see how staff interacted in our wellbeing awareness events and our charity programme and we hope that it will be received similarly in 2022.”