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Printed packaging unlocked

10 May 2024

Who doesn’t love a bit of printed packaging and the positive impact it can have on brands and supply chain operations!

Print can offer so many options to our customers and our diverse print capabilities means we can deliver a range of print solutions ranging from simple one colour print to some of the best six colour print in the industry.

We take a brief look at the print options available to our customers to ensure all their diverse requirements are met.

Simple yet effective

Many of our customers, particularly those who purchase transit packaging from us, only require a simple one or two colour print on corrugated board.

This type of work is ideally suited to our case making facility, or to one of our printer die-cutters in our East Kilbride manufacturing facility.

Yet, whilst it may be simple, it can communicate vital brand and product information on both sides of the pack, such as including product instructions or a message to customers inside the pack as part of an unboxing experience.

It may be the company name and the product code or reference. It may have bar or QR codes for easy stock management and order picking in a warehouse facility. It may communicate information to retail outlets for their own use to ensure packs are stacked and utilised correctly.

Customers can be reassured that our design team can work with them to create artwork for this type of print to ensure the highest quality is achieved or we can work from existing artwork.

Complex and eye catching

At the other end of the printing spectrum and capabilities of Boxshop is our six-colour high quality post print (HQPP) print. These boxes, point of sale display units, shelf ready packaging and more are manufactured and printed on our BOBST Expertflex.

A relatively new addition to the manufacturing capabilities of Boxshop, customers have been delighted with the wider range of print solutions this have given them and have enjoyed exploring new designs with our team.

This type of print solution allows customers have more detailed imagery on their packaging and amazing results can be achieved on a variety of board types and grades.

Enhanced capabilities across our group
In addition to the print options at Boxshop, as part of the Logson Group, we can also tap into alternative print solutions that some of our group companies provide.

Other equipment, ranging from larger format to small run digital printers is available, and we work with colleagues at other sites to facilitate a range of packaging solutions to meet the requirements of customers.

“Print is so important in the corrugated packaging industry, and we work with our customers to understand what they need to make their packaging work for them either practically or aesthetically.” said Jennifer Riddell, Managing Director, Boxshop. “Our own machinery portfolio and production capabilities only benefits from other options across the Logson Group which gives customers complete peace of mind regarding their supply and also reassurance to know that we can achieve so much through intergroup partnerships.”

To find out more about Boxshop, or to speak to a member of the team about your own corrugated packaging requirements, including print options, visit