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Getting ahead of the game – planning for your peak season

08 May 2024

Having a peak period, where customer demand escalates, is not unusual for many of the businesses we support with their corrugated packaging solutions.

As preferred packaging partner to a range of businesses and industry sectors across Scotland, our ability to help prepare for and navigate those peaks is well established and is just one of the reasons how customers benefit from choosing Boxshop as their packaging supplier.

We help businesses with such supply chain challenges by establishing a detailed working relationship from the very beginning so we truly understand how customers operate and how they supply their products.

This is done in a number of ways…
• We ascertain typical and historical stock level requirements
• We understand the volume and frequencies of delivers both on typical weeks and during the peak period
• Based on historical data we learn how your peak periods typically work and what you would need from a packaging partner to be able to facilitate this
We can then…
• Tailor a bespoke plan to facilitate your required stock levels, quantities and packaging types
• Understand how best we can deliver these to support your production schedules
• Work with you to ensure you have the correct packaging

This is, of course, in addition to our customers benefitting from our full design and consultation process to ensure the packaging that has been specified previously, or is being developed for the first time, accurately meets all the requirements, covering the functionality of the packaging and the print, branding and aesthetics.

“Having a packaging partner that is reliable and agile is key to preparing for and navigating your way through peak periods whether that is a typical festive surge in sales or increases in demand due to the seasonality of products,” said Jennifer Riddell, Managing Director, Boxshop. “Because our team has so much experience working across so many industries, we understand perfectly what is needed to support supply chains and work with our customers to achieve success.”

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