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Good design is key to packaging success

26 Jan 2023

Everything is designed. From the mobile phone that you’re probably reading this on, to the chair that you are sat in, to the building that you are working from.

It’s the catalyst to things being fit for purpose, and good packaging design is no different. Why choose a packaging solution that allows your product to become damaged during storage or transit, or simply fails to engage with the customer or end user meaning your product gets overlooked.

This is why we place so much emphasis on good design for our customers.

Whether it’s a new product that requires transit or display packaging, or a packaging audit of existing designs to perhaps offer space saving or increased product protection to minimise costly returns, our experienced team has years of design and packaging experience to develop a packaging range that will suit your requirements perfectly.

Things that we consider with our customers to achieve packaging success include:

*Ascertaining how the product travels through the supply chain. This will help us decide on board grades, legal requirements, internal fittings, any increased exposure to moisture etc.

*Determining whether there is an ecommerce element required, as this will influence how the design is constructed

*How the packaging is stored and how the product is packed in a factory or warehouse setting

“This list is by no means exhaustive but gives customers an idea of the questions we will ask over and above the dimensions and weight of the product,” said Jennifer Riddell, Managing Director, Boxshop.

“By understanding not only the product, but the entire journey it will go on, perhaps across a variety of supply chains, means the pack, or range of solutions will be designed to tick all the boxes from product protection to customer experience.”

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