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Taking a look at our Bobst capabilities

06 Sep 2023

As part of our £3.5m investment programme we integrated a brand new Bobst Expertflex NT six colour High Quality Post Print (HQPP) into our machinery portfolio.

One of the industry’s most highly respected printing machines, it brings a number of benefits for our customers who are seeking the highest print quality for their corrugated packaging solutions.

Some of its biggest benefits from an operational perspective include:

• 6 colour printing high quality print
• High quality print on coated material
• Production speed of up to 11,000 sheets per hour
• Fast anilox roll change
• High up-time and low rejection rates
• High quality boxes
• Large variety of quality printing
• On any format: from the smallest box to the biggest
• From micro-flute to double wall board at high speed
• From simple block printing to process printing
• No-crush feeding
• Cross flute feed option
• Automatic print register set-up

Furthermore, the register is very precise and the anilox screens deliver a finer, accurate print when compared with some other popular corrugated printing machines.

And, with its drying system that has both hot air and infrared technology, marking and scuffing on the print is all but eliminated.

Jennifer Riddell, Managing Director, Boxshop commented; “This is a welcome addition to our manufacturing and printing capabilities and customers from across Scotland are reaping the benefits of the enhanced print and volumes that we can offer them.

“The work that we have done has been superb – the quality of the print has been outstanding, and we are ideally placed to support customers, both existing and new, with their ecommerce and point of sale packaging.

“For businesses that have clearly defined branding and customer expectations the BOBST Expertflex NT can integrate perfectly with their demands for the best quality packaging possible.”

The Boxshop team is on hand to discuss all corrugated packaging requirement. They can be contact on or by calling 01355 222960.