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Making the switch to corrugated

02 Oct 2023

The drive to source more sustainable packaging materials is showing no signs of waning.

As a result corrugated continues to grow in popularity as more businesses seek alternative packaging solutions and the capabilities of corrugated become apparent.

So, if you feel like you are somewhat behind the curve, how do you make the switch to corrugated?

Versatile and flexible

Firstly, let’s be clear on one thing. Corrugated is an incredibly versatile material and can be suited to a plethora of products ranging from the most expensive and delicate; to huge, robust industrial components.

What we’re saying is don’t rule it out as unsuitable for your product presuming it’s unable to meet the right levels of finesse, or simply won’t be strong enough. One of it’s greatest attractions is the flexibility it offers, and this flexibility is used to the full through our design teams who have decades of experience creating solutions that amaze customers.

Whether it’s a full new range of packaging that needs creating, a shift from plastic to corrugated for outer transit or ecommerce solutions or point of sale solution our teams can develop suitable products that are perfect for the job in hand.

Sustainable and recyclable

One of the biggest attractions when businesses choose corrugated over other packaging materials is the sustainability aspect. Made from recycled material and fully recyclable, it suits a wide range of CSR requirements, whether it’s a small business making a responsible choice, or a larger corporate business with a vision to achieve net-zero in a given timescale.

Exploring the possibilities

If you know little about corrugated as a packaging material and are unsure as to how it may be able to support your company making the switch, don’t make that a reason not to explore the possibilities.

Our knowledge, experience and strengths across our group puts us firmly in first place to work with you on a more sustainable packaging solution.

Is it time for you to make the switch?