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Bespoke packaging adds value to brands

30 Oct 2023

With so much consumer choice out there, brands are constantly on the lookout for a differentiating factor.

The one thing that makes people remember their brand; the one thing that makes buyers come back for more.
For many brands, this can be their packaging.

This is why the importance of bespoke packaging, designed especially for your brand, should never be underestimated.
Whether it’s in a retail setting or an ecommerce delivery, consumers enjoy visually aesthetically pleasing packaging, easily identifiable brands through packaging on a shelf or on a ecommerce site, and the feeling of having purchased something of value, that’s in brand, that’s a discerning customers delight.

Bespoke packaging can take a variety of formats; it’s not just all about the retail stuff that has endless kerb appeal.

Think of the boxes that a new kettle arrives in, or an air fryer. The print must look good; the pack has to be easy to open and unpack, it has to have kept the product secure and free form damage and it has to be easily recyclable.

This type of box couldn’t be more different from the gift packaging designed for a niche whisky distillery in the highlands, yet the two are equally important in building brands through the sustainable, recyclable packaging consumers expect from the brands they choose.

Any brand worth its salt now, whether they’re looking for transit packaging or high-end gift packaging, must place packaging high on its agenda when it’s considering it branding and marketing strategy. Intrinsically linked to sales, we are seeing an ever-increasing number of businesses seeking out help to deliver their vision.

Boxshop is equipped to do this due to its enviable machinery portfolio where businesses can source a variety of types of packaging to support their sales and marketing.

This includes:
Retail Ready Packaging (RRP)
Shelf Ready Packaging (SRP)
Free Standing Display Units (FSDU)
Transit Packaging
Heavy Duty Packaging
High volume Cases
High quality print items

“The power of getting your packaging right, or indeed wrong, should never be underestimated and it is imperative that businesses partner with a supplier who can really get on board, designing material efficient, eye-catching solutions and support the brand and ethics of the business,” said Keith Barclay, head of sales, Boxshop. “The experience of bespoke packaging professionals, who understand every facet of the customer journey and supply chain, whilst balancing the needs of the business, adds immeasurable value and can be pivotal in delivering successful sales, new product launches, or simply moving goods through the supply chain.”

To discuss how Boxshop can add value to your business through individually designed corrugated packaging solutions visit