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Starting our sustainability journey

07 Nov 2023

We are proud to manufacture products using one of the most sustainable packaging materials but what of the way that we do this?

As part of our recent £3.5m investment, which has seen the capabilities of Boxshop transformed, we have also begun our sustainability journey.

This has involved the evaluation of our processes and procedures and has seen us take several steps in the right direction to become more sustainable as a business.

These have included:
• Investment in 899 solar panels to the roof of the main building
• A new transport fleet that is Euro 6 compliant, and investment in a double deck trailer reducing the number of deliveries required
• Energy saving LED lighting in all production facilities.
• A new waste extraction system, which improves the recycling of cardboard trim, alongside new efficient compactors
• Waste heat recycling to reduce gas consumption for heating
• Installation of two fast charge EV chargers to encourage more drivers to switch

Jennifer Riddell, Managing Director, Boxshop commented; “It is important that all businesses explore ways they can become more sustainable across all their operations, and this is just the beginning for the team at Boxshop.

“In the future, whilst balancing the core needs of the business, more in-depth exploration will be taken with professional consultants to determine other opportunities that may be available to us. However, we’re pleased with the strong start we have made, and look forward to reaping the positive benefits from these investments.”